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One year of columns provides support and resources

Caregivers in Hastings didn’t know where to go for help. Eleven agencies responded and continue to work together to bring resources and support to Hastings’ caregivers. Our first column appeared on Sept. 13 last year.  The 11 agencies in Hastings who have come together for this effort are:

Dakota County Communities for a Lifetime works to ensure that Dakota County communities such as Hastings are a good place to grow up and grow old.

Dakota County Public Health provides in-home long term care assessments and information about subsidized services.

DARTS provides information about area resources as well as professionally coordinated in-home services for older adults and coaching for caregivers.

Hasting Family Service provides visiting services, community referrals and transportation to and from medical appointments.

Hastings Community Education offers classes for caregivers and for all lifelong learners.

Hastings Senior Center provides the Hastings Senior Resource Directory in addition to quality leisure activities for older adults.

Hastings Ministerial Association provides links to parish nurses and outreach ministries and they host many of our caregiver educational programs.

Oak Ridge Senior Living provides independent senior housing and works to support caregivers of their residents through ongoing communication and understanding.

Park Ridge Senior Living also provides independent senior living and ongoing support for family caregivers.

Regina Medical Center helps caregivers with planning ongoing services as their family member is discharged from the hospital. They also offer ongoing support groups for caregivers of older adults with memory loss or with vision loss.

United Way of Hastings provides information about Hastings resources on a wide variety of issues, including support for Hastings elders.

One last supporter of the Caregiver Corner is the Hastings Star Gazette.  Last year when we proposed the idea of this column, the Gazette said “Yes” and has offered us space and advice without hesitation.  We hope you have enjoyed the Caregiver Corner and will continue to follow us in the years to come.

We are putting together a survey for Hastings caregivers to help us identify ways to strengthen The Corner.  Please watch for the survey in the upcoming weeks.