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All About Dragonflies at Carpenter Nature Center on July 16

Are you curious about Dragonflies? Join Jeff Fischer on a quest to see how many species of dragonflies can be found at CNC. The program will begin indoors and then move outside to find dragonflies in a variety of habitats. If an unusual specimen or a new state or county record is found, we will keep the specimen and send it to the Minnesota Odonata Survey Project. Any captured dragonflies will be released after everyone looks at them. The class will be a beginner level and children are welcome as long as they are with an adult. Participants should bring a bag lunch and dress for the weather. This event will be held Saturday, July 16, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Jeff will stay until 3 p.m., but participants may leave earlier if they need to. The program fee is $10 per person or $7 for "Friends of CNC."