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Rev. Strode to take a second mission trip to Uganda

Hastings resident Rev. Randy Strode is leading his second Lead Like Jesus mission trip to Uganda next month. (Star Gazette photo by Jane Lightbourn)

There is still work to be done in spreading the gospel in another part of the world.

That is an important reason for the Rev. Randy Strode of Hastings to take another mission trip to Africa - more specially to Uganda, where he traveled last fall as part of the Lead Like Jesus mission trip.

When he returned from that three-week trip, Strode was almost awe struck about the trip's impact on him and the people in that country.

"It was absolutely amazing," he said. "We went there with the goal to train and educate leaders to lead like Jesus; that is a viable role for life, home, work and ministry."

And now, it is time to go again, he said this week.

Strode said he has been asking himself questions about another trip. If he had the chance to impact thousands of lives, would he do it? If he could be part of a team that could be used to encourage lives, would he do it?

After last year's experiences and praying about a possible return trip, Strode decided that he (and this time his wife Charissa will accompany him) would be part of another servant leadership team to Uganda.

"Last year, I was humbled and blessed by the overwhelming response to the Lead Like Jesus encounters we facilitated," said Strode. "Last year we were able to equip over 1,500 people in three cities."

This trip, scheduled for Aug. 10 to Aug. 27, will have the Lead Like Jesus leadership team in eight locations in six districts in Uganda with the possibility or reaching more than 5,000 ministry leaders with servant leadership principles as modeled by Jesus.

Last year, the team of 13 held training sessions in different areas of the country - Entebbe, Kabala, Iganga and Jinga. Two additional areas of Gulu and Lira will also be visited this year. These areas are north of Sudan and many of the people are still living in displacement camps and temporary housing.

This year, the leadership team will be teaching and taking a vacation Bible school crew. Charissa Strode will assist with the VBS programs. The team will also be hosting a soccer camp for youth.

"We will be working alongside many of the pastors and ministry leaders that we trained last year as we travel to these locations," said Strode. "Our goal is to equip as many locals as possible and turn the ministry over to them so that can run the ministry on their own in the future."

Strode said that since last year's trip, between 150 to 200 leaders have implemented the Lead Like Jesus principles in their leadership roles and have servant leadership workshops themselves.

The Strodes are seeking assistance for the trip - from prayer support to financial help to help pay for airfare and other expenses.

For more information, visit, click on "Invest Now" and select "Uganda 2012 donation." Interested people can also call Lead Like Jesus at 800-363-6890 and ask for Mary Tucker. Donations can also be sent to Lead Like Jesus, 3506 Professional Circle, Suite B, Augusta GA 30907. The donations must be designated for "Randy and Charissa's Uganda Mission."