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Parade around town caps Vermillion Vacation Bible School

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About 60 young people participated in the St. John the Baptist Catholic Church Vacation Bible School. Children, parents and volunteers were part of Friday's noon parade. (Star Gazette photo by Jane Lightbourn)2 / 4
Elsie Kopp (left) and Katie Kuhn led the parade down Main Street in Vermillion. (Star Gazette photo by Jane Lightbourn)3 / 4
These masks were part of the costumes in the parade. (Star Gazette photo by Jane Lightbourn)4 / 4

The city of Vermillion had its own parade Friday, June 22.

The 60 children in St. John the Baptist Catholic Church's Vacation Bible School, dressed in their newly created tie-dyed shirts and hats and some with small musical instruments, walked from the school to the Vermillion Bank, then crossed the street and walked back to the school. They were accompanied by several adult crossing guards and parent volunteers. Church pastor, the Rev. Stan Mader, also walked the route.

The parade around Vermillion was a perfect way to culminate the week's Vacation Bible School, "Parade Around Our Father," said co-coordinator Maria Therres.

This was the first year that the church has used the Catholic program, Growing with the Saints. It worked out well, Therres said.

For the five days of the program, the children ages 3 to 10 participated in different activities, including a Bible lesson, and enjoyed crafts, music, games and snacks.

One day the children created their shirts to wear in the parade. They also created hats, masks and flags. Several had instruments to use. Throughout the week, volunteers assisted in the program.

The participants knew from the first day that a parade would be part of the last day.

"We had to have one," said Therres. "And the center of our theme was our Father."

The other coordinator of this year's program was Chris Thorkildson.