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LeDuc Estate holds summer camp

Michael Nelson and Luke Hauser practice fencing during a summer camp at the LeDuc Historic Estate last week. (Star Gazette photo by Katie Thomas)

Last week LeDuc Mansion hosted a weeklong camp, 'Experience Life with the LeDuc Family.' This is the third 'Experience Life with the LeDuc Family' camp.

"We wanted to develop programs for children that were historic and had hands on experience," said Maggie Langenfeld, camp leader.

The camp focused its activities on the 1860s, with camp participants dressing up in historical based clothing.

First-time camp participant Ellie Hinzman said she liked dressing up in the old clothes, including petticoats, because it she felt like she was in another time.

Camp participants made journals for the first time this year by binding paper together and making the cover out of wallpaper and cardboard.

There are 62 boxes full of journals from the LeDuc family that have been preserved over the years said Langenfeld. Which also contributed to having camp participants make and keep journals.

Other activities included visiting the Vermillion Falls, making lanterns, touring LeDuc mansion, and fencing, a camp favorite. "The mask and jacket are really heavy," said Luke Hauser. "It's a lot of fun to fence and get a point."

"Most people don't get to see the attic [of LeDuc Mansion], but we do. Which is really cool. Last year we got to go into the cellar too," said Brooke Cartwright, second-year participant.

Campers are also invited to participate in the Rivertown Days Parade, representing the LeDuc Historic Estate.

'Experience Life with the LeDuc Family II' camp will run August 2-4. Participants can sign up for the second camp by going to or by calling 651-480-7670.