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Go disc golfing

Hastings is home to all kinds of well-known public and private golf courses. But, did you know that Hastings is also home to a disc golf course?

The Hastings course is located at C.P. Adams Park. It is free and can be played with that dusty old Frisbee you keep in the garage. Or, if you wish, you can set yourself up with a couple specially-designed discs made just for disc golf. There are drivers and putters and everything in between.

The concept of the game is pretty simple: You use as few throws of the disc as possible. Each hole concludes when you successfully land your disc in a chain-link basket.

The Hastings course has 18 holes, all of various lengths and terrain.

The best place in Hastings to go for disc golfing supplies is Killroy's SK8 and Bait on Highway 61 and Fourth Street.

Their phone number is 651-438-5459.

C.P. Adams Park can be located by taking 18th Street east from Vermillion Street.

A map of the course can be found on the city's website:

The course is maintained by the Parks and Recreation Department.