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Local filmmakers compete in short film festival

Local filmmakers Justin and Kristin Schaack have had their most recent short film, "Illegal Aliens," accepted into the Audience Awards 2016 Political Short Film Festival. The festival features short films made by filmmakers around the world, calling attention to social or political issues relevant to today. "Illegal Aliens" is one of 23 films selected for the contest.

Justin and Kristin Schaack, both from Hastings, have been making films together for more than 15 years. "Illegal Aliens" is their most recent production. "Illegal Aliens" is a short film set in the city of Simpletown, after the recent arrival of undocumented immigrants. Residents and local leaders are trying to decide whether or not to ban the new visitors. 

The Audience Awards select winners by tallying audience votes. Winning films can earn not only exposure for filmmakers, but also cash and prizes and a chance to screen at the International Audience Awards Film Festival in North Hollywood April 7-9, 2017. The audience can vote every day up till Nov. 8. To view the film, click here.