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A frozen free-for-all: Schoolhouse Scoop's ice cream challenge is picking up steam

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A Hastings ice cream shop has quite a popular attraction on its menu these days.

Schoolhouse Scoop, located next to the Green Mill at 919 Vermillion Street, is offering the Sweet 16 Challenge. The challenge comes in a massive bowl and includes 16 scoops of ice cream. If the competitors can finish it all within 30 minutes, they get their photo taken and posted within the restaurant.

On Friday, one such group of challengers arrived right after school for Emma Bakker’s birthday party.

She’d invited several friends to compete in the challenge with her. They teamed up to finish the creamy monstrosity in 17 minutes and 38 seconds. After Bakker and her friends completed the task, her parents purchased her a special shirt from Schoolhouse Scoop, which was then signed by all of her friends in attendance.

The challenge costs $29.95. Dozens of competitors have been successful, including at least one person who did it by himself.