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The next great invention? Probably not

Brothers Malachi and X’Zavier Deutsch pose with Tom Hodsdon outside Hodsdon’s home on Pine Street. A self-confessed tinkerer, Hodsdon made a washing machine bicycle. Star Gazette photo by Chad Richardson

In his Hastings garage, Tom Hodsdon likes to tinker. A lot. So, he’s always on the lookout for discarded items. Among the recent items he salvaged were a bicycle, a washing machine and a bed frame.

He got busy welding and ended up putting them all together into, well, a washing machine bicycle.

“It’s just a washing machine and a bike put together, with a cowbell,” Hodsdon said.

When asked why he did it, Hodsdon had a quick reply.

“Why not?” he asked.

Truthfully, he says it’s just his love for spending time in his garage piecing things together.

“I like to tinker with things,” he said. “I got about $2 into this thing. It’s all just junk parts.”

Last Wednesday, after he finished up the washing machine bicycle, two neighborhood boys that he knows came by on their bikes. Hodsdon showed them his creation and asked if they wanted to take it for a spin.

“I can’t get them off it now,” Hodsdon said.

The boys, brothers Malachi and X’Zavier Deutsch, took turns going up and down the block on the bike and said they were having fun with the unique creation.

Hodsdon took out the bottom and the inside of the washing machine. He welded the bed frame to the bottom of the machine to give it some stability. He then welded a few brackets from the bed frame to the bicycle to secure it. He then cut holes on the sides of the machine to allow for the bike tires to come through.

The only money he spent on the project was on nuts, bolts and a sticker on the side, which reads “Turbo.”