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‘Perspective’ plays will open Friday, March 28

The city of Hastings and its residents will be the focus in theatrical settings when Black Dirt Theater Co. presents “Perspective,” seven one-act shows written and directed entirely by members of this community. Opening night is Friday, March 28, and continues to Saturday, April 5, at the Hastings Middle School.

“It is everything from the perspective of those who have recently retired to the the very land Hastings is built on,” said Black Dirt Theater’s Libby Wasylik.

The plays are:

“New in Town,” written by Rob Andersen. Director is David Warg and stage manager is Steve Soler. Cast members are Ken Johnson, Krista Gomez, Danielle Kurtz, Michelle DelCastillo, Patty Klingner, Sue Wagner, Rachel Sager, Kathy Henry, Tom Sorenson and Scott McPherson.

“Retirement,” written by Diane Saed. Director is Darlene Olson. Cast members are Jerry Paulsen, John Arenivar, Scott McPherson, Stacy Sarette, Fay Heffele and Diana Langenfeld.

“The Land,” written by Thomas Bonneville. Director is Zach Filkins. Cast members are Tom Sorenson, Rob Anderson and Caitlin Weber.

“Autism,” written by Jeannie Tribe. Director is Andrea Schoening. Cast members are Noah Burkitt, Heidi Langenfeld, Sid Price, Anne Mellesmoen, Cailin Miller, William Patton, Lucas Ussatis, Trevor Zeyen, Skye Hanson and Dianna Perez.

“Extreme Outsider,” written by Steve Beal. Director is Mikaela Vogland. Cast members are Jared Eliasson, Alexandra Spurlin, Sheila Johnson, Sam Sorenson, Jessica Riveness, Kelly Nokk and Kayla Jensen.

“Gumby,” written by Lindsey Anderson. Director is Aaron Henry. Cast members are Rob Andersen, Rose Anaya, Barb Spurlin, Ken Johnson, Andy Hill, Suellen Weber, Nicky Reynolds, John Henry and Hollie Greenwood.

“The Bridge,” written by Miriam King. Director is Molly McElroy. Cast Members are John Henry, Tom Henry, Megan Hill, Xavier Beal, Molly Reynolds, Alexander Ussatis, Madeline Johnson, Gabrielle Gujer, Scott McPherson, Jerry Paulsen, Skye Hanson, Carrie Denzer, Jan Borofka, Erin Boatman-Smaida, Tom Sorenson, Rachel Sager, Lucas Ussatis, Brooklyn Byrd and Pharell Bird.

Tickets may be purchased on line at www.blackdirtthe, or by calling 1-800-838-3006. They are also available at the Hastings Area YMCA.