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Hastings grad eases into music career with new album

Scott Schumann is pictured during a performance. The 2005 HHS graduate recently released his first album, “Alone.” Submitted photo

It wasn’t that long ago that Scott Schumann, a 2005 Hastings High School graduate, learned how to play guitar. But just a couple weeks ago, he released his first professional album.

Music has always been a passion of Schumann’s, but it didn’t always play such a prominent role as it does these days. When he was in high school, he was more involved in athletics, he said. But he did join the choir and improved his singing skills under director Lin Warren.

“That really helped as far as my singing goes,” he said.

After high school, he went to college, earning his marketing degree at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse in 2009. Then he moved to Rochester for a job in medical sales.

While he was in college, Schumann felt like he was just going with the flow, doing what he had to do to complete his major. Once he graduated, he really started to consider what he needed to do to be true to himself.

“I thought to myself, what do I really want to do,” he said.

The answer was music. His mother had given him an acoustic guitar in 2010 and suggested he give it a try, so he did. And while it was frustrating at first to learn how to play, he soon found himself writing his own songs.

The hobby has since grown. He’s written 35 to 50 songs, Schumann said. Since moving to Kansas City, Mo., about a year and a half ago, he hired a few instrumentalists as his band and got to work recording eight songs for his first album, titled “Alone.” The album was released on iTunes Jan. 19.

The recording process took a little longer than Schumann initially expected.

“I didn’t know what I was getting into when I first walked up to the studio,” he said.

It took more than 10 five-hour sessions at the studio just to get the recordings done. After that, the music had to be mixed and mastered before it was ready for distribution. He also had to deal with some setbacks, including a delay because his bass player had broken a finger.

“It was definitely a process,” Schumann said.

The overall theme of the album is summed up in its title. Schumann had lived in the Twin Cities area prior to moving to Rochester, and when he moved, he found himself isolated from family and friends. The experience had a big influence on his music.

“A lot (of the music) has to do with being on your own and figuring out what life has to offer outside of a day job,” he said.

The melodies, however, have a lighter flavor and are more hopeful.

He described his genre as folk rock or alternative, similar to Jack Johnson. Johnson’s music had a big influence on Schumann’s own work. He said he also listens to a lot of indie rock, and growing up he was influenced by some older music on records his father had.

This first album is intended to be a way to begin establishing himself as a musician.

“My main goal with this record was to have something that I can market – something that I can use to get fans, but also something to share with people.”

As he advances in his musical career, he hopes to get a group of musicians who want to be a permanent part of his band. And in the next year and a half, he’d like to write a full-length album of 10 to 14 songs, as well as play a show in Minneapolis.

For more about Schumann and his music, find his musician page on Facebook or go to