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Black Dirt Theater schedules upcoming events

It is show time at 8 p.m. this Saturday, Sept. 28, at Hastings High School.

Black Dirt Theater is showcasing original shows created by Hastings area residents, all completed in a short period of time, and the evening is open to the public.

“What will be so exciting about this event and really why I think everyone should come and see it is how surprising it is going to be,” said Black Dirt Theater’s Libby Wasylik. “We have no idea what these teams of writers, directors, and performers will come up.

“When you put extreme constraints on a person they become exponentially more creative to work around them,” she said. “So giving these people only 24 hours to come up with what they need will make it so very creative and different and fun. Also it is a great way to support these people for being brave enough to take this on in just 24 hours.”

Throughout the day, and previous evening, the “new playwrights” will create their own staging and hold rehearsals for their plays before the evening’s show begin, said Wasylik.

The admission is $10, with tickets available at the door.

Another play,

another venue

The original plays are not the only activity keeping members of the company busy, said Wasylik. The production of “Arsenic and Old Lace” will be presented during the last two weeks of October at the LeDuc Historic Estate.

“Five restaurants in town are creating brand new drinks that will be on sale for the month of October,” she said. “Each drink will have an Arsenic and Old Lace theme — something that seems harmless but can actually knock you out.”

As part of this promotion, Black Dirt Theater will hold a live tasting during the day Oct. 26. A winner will be selected.

The company has also connected with for other casts of characters who have performed the pay – in 1949, 1964, 1982, and 1967. They have been invited to a sneak preview of this year’s play in mid-October.

More information about Black Dirt Theater is available at