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Lifelong Twins fan gets to meet team's owner

George Savage is pictured with Minnesota Twins owner Jim Pohlad. Submitted photo

George Savage has been a Twins fan "since baseball came to Minnesota."

"I've been a fan all my life," he said

Savage, 90, lives in Regina Medical Center's assisted living facility. He grew up around sports and baseball, and attends Twins games with his kids at least a few times a year. He has plenty of memories; among the best was getting to see the Twins win the World Series in 1991. Savage was in the crowd for that game, in center field, and remembers the fans getting so excited that beer ended up dumped all over, including on him.

On Aug. 19, Savage got to add another feather to his cap as a Twins fan. He got to meet the owner of the Twins, Jim Pohlad.

The story starts early in the season, when the Twins got snowed out of a few games. Savage had tickets to one of those, and as it turned out, so did his son. The family ended up with 16 tickets to use for another game, and they got together Aug. 19 to watch a make-up game.

Savage and his family -- he has six children -- got a box in the "high buck" section as Savage calls it. It was the first time he had ever sat there, he said. While they were there, the girlfriend of Savage's grandson noticed that Pohlad was sitting in the box right next to them and pointed him out to Savage.

Savage wasn't going to bother him, but his grandson's girlfriend approached Pohlad and asked if he would come to their box to meet Savage. He agreed, shook Savage's hand and posed for a picture with him. They even got to chat for a little bit about how the team is doing before Pohlad got called away. One of Savage's sons got to talk with Pohlad more a little later, as well.

"He was very congenial," Savage said.

"I just thought it was very nice of him to come over. He didn't have to do that."

With the season winding down, Savage is looking forward to seeing what's in store next year.

"I hope they do better next year," he said.