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First four clues in Edina Realty medallion hunt are posted (UPDATE: The medallion has been found)

Clues are now coming in for the Edina Realty Rivertown Days medallion hunt. 

Here are the clues:

1) Edina Realty has done it again. Let the fun begin. Come one, come all to receive the clues. You won't need a ladder, a shovel or a pick. Just open your eyes and be a winner without any tricks.

2) A bright yellow sign that you may spy. If not seen, trouble may be close by.

3) Close to the hidden place check out intersecting streets, but beware of no outlet greet.

4) Check out large building that doesn't have a sign, but do continue and do not whine.

UPDATE: The medallion was found at the intersecting streets of Lyn Way and Bahls Drive, located below light pole by fence of middle school.

 Winners are Troy, Val, Courtney and Jasmine Tverberg.