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Fields of gold: Black-eyed Susans in bloom at Spring Lake Park

It goes without saying that the best story ideas for the Hastings Star Gazette come from our readers. While we as staff members do what we can to come up with timely and interesting ideas, there are a lot more of you than there are of us. 

 You see things we don’t. When that happens, we always hope you pick up the phone and call. This week, that’s exactly how this photo spread came about. One reader named Betty called and told us about a field full of blooming black-eyed Susans at Spring Lake Park.

On Monday morning, it was my job to head out to the park and see if Betty really meant what she said.

Turns out, Betty had undersold the field. Thousands and thousands of bright yellow flowers were blooming all across the field, set off by a dark blue sky and a blazing sun.

Thank you, Betty, for picking up the phone and calling.

If you see something that you think we should cover, please call me at 651-319-4500 or write me an email: crichardson@hastingsstargazette. com. Thank you!

— Chad Richardson, editor, Hastings Star Gazette