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Dog fawns over fawn found along Mississippi River trail

Leonard Graham and his dog Abby came across this fawn while on a walk in Hastings recently.

Just about every morning of the week, Leonard Graham and his dog Abby go for a walk along the Mississippi River trail in Hastings.

What they experienced a few weeks ago, though, was anything but an everyday occurrence.

Abby noticed something in the bushes and paused. She sniffed around, started getting excited and then froze.

She had discovered a fawn. Slowly, the fawn staggered to its feet and for the next few minutes, a curious fawn and Abby the dog got to know one another.

The fawn then approached Graham, who had his camera in hand. As Graham snapped a few photos, the fawn checked him out, then slowly retreated.

Graham learned long ago to always carry a camera with him during the walks. That camera came in especially handy this day.