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Thomas Everson wins the SEAS Religion Bee

There's your spelling and geography bees to test students' knowledge and skills.

The new kid on the block - the Sixth and Tyler block - is the Religion Bee at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church.

The creation of Seton Middle School religion teacher Kathy Gleich has been part of the school's program for five years. This year's competition was held last Friday.

The winner was eighth- grade student Thomas Everson. The other finalist was sixth-grade student Jordan Grovun.

Thomas said he used notecards and flash cards he obtained from Gleich to help prepare for the competition. His family also helped.

"I learned more than I thought I did," he said. "I learned, too, that our faith is more complicated."

He received a certificate and a medal for winning the contest. He also won the right to not have to take the religion final this year. Gleich said he was already doing well in the class.

She was aware of the spelling and geography bees when she began looking for a similar one in religion. She could not find one, so did the next best thing. She created the contest.

"I wrote the questions; actually, I wrote three versions and rotate them," she said.

She adds a few new questions each year.

Gleich said the contest stimulates the students' interest in religion.

"It offers a challenge, generates interests, it's fun," she said. "We're more than the academics, more than the geography and spelling bees."

The other contestants were Mackenzie Cadwell, Zack Doffing, Seth Greengo, Quinn Meyers, Allison Masciopinto, Matthew Boncich, Danielle Perra, Michael Tapella, Adam Klein and John Kintz.

Some of the questions to challenge your religion knowledge:

What the four gospels? Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Who is the first native-born saint? St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.

Who was the first pope? Peter.

What does "Jesus" mean? God saves.

Who was St. Benedict's twin sister? St. Scholastica.

What is the study of God? Theology.