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In support of Danna Elling Schultz

To the editor,

It is my honor to endorse Danna Elling Schultz for re-election as a council member for Ward 4! Danna has lived in Ward 4 for over 20 years and has loved being a part of the Hastings community. She is passionate about Hastings and all of the opportunities it has to offer. Many of these opportunities are largely due to her hard work as a city council member. We met over 12 years ago when she moved into our neighborhood when our kids were in school together. We have worked together on various committees throughout the years. Danna is an honest and hard worker and is fully involved in every project she takes on. She has innovative ideas and she is always open to others’ ideas and working toward the common goal of what is best for everyone involved. She is an active part of making our neighborhood a better place to live as well as being an involved and active member of her local church.  

Danna was very active in the new riverfront project in downtown Hastings. Creating the riverfront project has brought business to downtown Hastings and has also given the people of Hastings and the surrounding areas a reason to come out and see all Hastings has to offer. She sees the beauty in Hastings and works hard to ensure others see that same beauty.

Danna loves Hastings! That fact is clear to anyone and everyone she has worked side by side with on committees or witnessing all she has done in our community. As someone who has proudly lived my entire life in the Hastings community it gives me comfort to know that Danna is a highly regarded city council member. I couldn’t be more confident in my decision to support Danna Elling Schultz for re-election as our City Council Representative in Ward 4.