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In support of Danna Elling Schultz

To the editor,

My wife Karen and I have known Danna Elling Schultz for over 20 years. She has served as our city council member, and she has been a great friend to us and our family. First, when Danna served as our council member, she was always responsive to neighborhood concerns and issues. Even though she no longer represents our neighborhood as a ward council member, she still is actively engaged in happenings on Todd Way, and I will always call for her perspective on citywide issues. Second, Danna has always been a good friend. She has been supportive of our family and been willing to help us at the drop of a hat when we needed it. We could always count on her and her family to be kind, generous, compassionate, and fun. Finally, Danna knows how to work collaboratively with others. Being on the city council means more than just having to get along with your council colleagues. It means having to work with your neighbors, constituents, other elected officials, city staff, businesses and community organizations. And they may not all agree on the best way to solve an issue. But Danna has demonstrated that she knows how to navigate to get to a compromise. I urge you to support our friend, Danna Elling Schultz on Nov. 8. She has served our community well; she deserves your vote.