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In support of Tony Nelson

To the editor,

I am writing to show my support for Tony Nelson, Ward 3 City Council. I know firsthand how much time he has spent at this job. Over the last eight years he has devoted countless hours transforming Hastings into the wonderful community that it is. I don’t see much need for change, as the seven elected officials currently holding positions are doing a wonderful job making decisions that they feel are best for Hastings. Hastings is a great place to live and we are proud to call it our home! It only takes a drive downtown to see the great things that are a result of our current leadership. From our wonderful bridge that brings visitors into our town daily to the time that our residents have spent at our newly renovated riverfront. Everywhere you look

things are improving. The experience Tony has is invaluable and he would like to continue his leadership role in this community. Tony has lived in Ward 3 for 20 years, and as a taxpayer he knows where the money is being spent. He takes his position very seriously and makes decisions based on what he believes to be the best for the residents not only in Ward 3, but all who call this great community their home. He will do his best to represent each of you for the next four years if you choose to re-elect experience! Please vote for Tony Nelson on Nov. 8.  

Editor’s note: Teresa Nelson is Tony Nelson’s wife