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Letter: In support of Tina Folch

To the editor,

Choosing a politician, at any level of candidacy, is often a difficult one to make. The 2016 Presidential election, especially, is proving to be filled with angst and indecision among the voting public. On a lesser profile election, such as the Ward 1 Hastings City Council, I can help you take the worry out of whom to vote for by telling you the sensible, easy and solid choice is Tina Folch.

Tina Folch is the obvious choice because of her care and commitment to her community because of her lifelong residency here and her vast understanding of the operations “behind the operation,” stemming from her Political Science Degree. Tina is a highly intelligent person who is constantly seeking opportunities to learn. She listens openly and honestly, giving genuine consideration to ideas, constructive criticisms and fresh input. She will work with our Ward and for our Ward.

Consider this one less choice you have to make Nov. 8, because the only choice for Hastings City Council Ward 1 is Tina Folch.