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Letter: Slaten should apologize for posts

To the editor,

I am calling on District 54B DFL Candidate Don Slaten to apologize for controversial social media posts, including one disparaging women who vote Republican as “stupid.”

Don Slaten’s social media posts show he’s unfit to represent families in District 54B. Minnesotans expect legislators to work together at the Capitol; calling women stupid and disparaging those you disagree with show he’s woefully unprepared to work productively on the problems facing Minnesota. He should apologize for his inappropriate and offensive social media behavior.

Families in Hastings, Cottage Grove, and Afton have a better option; Tony Jurgens has been recognized as a community leader and will work with any and all legislators to lower healthcare costs, improve our schools, and create an economy that boosts paychecks for Minnesotans.

Editor’s note: According to separate information presented by the Minnesota House Republican Campaign Committee, the post in question appears to be from Slaten’s Facebook page, dated Aug. 30, 2014. As of Monday, the Star Gazette was unable to locate the post.