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Letter: In support of Lisa Leifeld

To the editor,

I would like to tell you a little about Lisa Siebenaler Leifeld. We have lived in Hastings for about 17 years, and we didn’t have a connection to most people in town when we moved here.

I met Lisa about nine years ago when our daughters were in sixth grade. She was dropping off her daughter at our house and she wanted to come in and meet me. Well, after about an hour of talking and getting to know her, I knew she was someone I wanted as a friend. She was honest and caring from the moment I met her. Plus she never asked me what my last name was.

Over the years, I have seen Lisa at sporting events all over town. She was volunteering at most but sometimes got to just cheer from the sideline. Lisa wants change to happen to Hastings. In order for us to grow and succeed, we must change with the times. She is looking out for everyone.

If you really want to know what kind of person she is, just stop her around town and ask her. You might find her at Movie Night at the pavilion downtown, at the dog park, at Wells Fargo (where she always greets you with a smile), or just about anywhere. And speaking as a small business owner, I believe she has the best interest of all of us at heart.

Thank you.