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Letter: In support of Lisa Leifeld

To the editor,

Normally, I do not openly endorse candidates, but I feel that it is important that I do so in support of Lisa Leifeld. Previously, I served in the US Navy, which caused me to live in multiple states across the country. It was not until we moved to Hastings that we truly felt at home. At the time, my wife and I had one daughter. The Hastings community welcomed us with open arms. One key member of this community was Lisa Leifeld. We met her through her role at Wells Fargo. As our family grew from having one daughter to having three, Lisa was always there for us. I know Lisa is running — not for political ambitions — but because she wants to help the community. I am confident that she is the best candidate for this position. Recently, I had to move from Hastings to Pennsylvania for my career. In my heart, Hastings will always be my home. I am confident that, with Lisa in the city council, Hastings will remain a caring community for families such as mine.

Please vote in the upcoming election. Every vote matters. If I were still a resident of Hastings, I would most assuredly vote for Lisa. I am hopeful that you feel the same way.