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In support of Tina Folch

To the editor,

I am writing to show my support for Ward 1 city council candidate, Tina Folch. I was introduced to Folch this past summer and have had the opportunity to get to know her as a candidate, a resident of Hastings and personally.

In having conversations with Folch, I have learned about her ability to be an excellent city council member. She is well educated and has worked for, and with state government agencies for many years. She has a passion for the field of public service and her positive record speaks for itself. I urge you to view her impressive Facebook page, tinafolch4CityCouncil.

Folch grew up in Hastings and has great vision for positive growth in this community. What impresses me most with Folch is her ability to listen to concerns and connect them with ideas of actions to implement positive change. She is gracious and appreciative and those qualities create a sense of balance and integrity which is needed in this upcoming election and beyond.

I have no doubt that Folch would be the best person to represent Ward 1 as our elected city council member. Please join me in voting for a qualified, competent and trustworthy council member. Cast your vote for positive change by voting for Tina Folch in Ward 1. Thank you!