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In support of Joe Balsanek

To the editor,

There are numerous reasons why I seek your support to re-elect Joe Balsanek for another term representing Ward 2 on the city council.

As a business owner, Joe will continue to encourage further development while enhancing current businesses.

As a professional artist, Joe can relate to and share insights with our growing art district.

As our council member, Joe will work tirelessly towards keeping your taxes low, by finding grants or other means possible toward continued improvements and upgrades throughout our community.

Joe is not only a good listener, he is also passionate about the people he serves. Having a true understanding of the importance for economic development, I believe Joe is the dedicated, hard working candidate that we need moving Hastings forward in a positive direction for the 21st century.

I urge your support for Joe Balsanek as you go to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 8.