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In support of Schoen, Slaten

To the editor,

I want to take a second to talk about Dan Schoen, who is running for State Senate in SD 54. Schoen is currently the Democratic state representative for the Northern part of SD 54, which I reside in. Schoen is a Cottage Grove police officer who has been publicly praised for his bill that banned domestic abusers from gaining firearms.

In his first two years, he got 10 bills passed and signed into law. In the past two years, he authored 14 bills that had Republican co-sponsors even though he was in the minority caucus. He is praised by many elected officials including some who are supporting Republicans in other races.

His opponent is a known Tea Party activist in Leilani Holmstadt. She was part of a suit to overturn a passed school referendum in the South Washington County School District that included two known Republican Tea Party activists. She also has strong anti-union ties and has aligned with right-wing and conservative organizations. In other words, she is more likely to make political statements while collecting a taxpayer-funded salary than doing her job. Thus, I urge the election of Dan Schoen to the state senate on Nov. 8. Also, Don Slaten is running for state representative in District 54B, and I have known him for a long time, so I hope voters will consider him too.