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Lewis is a perfectly qualified outsider

To the editor,

As a devoted listener to Jason Lewis since August of 1994, I was glad to see him jump in the Congressional District 2 race as the Republican-endorsed nominee to replace John Kline. In the 20 years that I listened to Lewis on the radio, I do not know anyone who has been more consistent in defending Americanism and conservatism than him. His knowledge of the Constitution and fidelity to the founding principle of federalism is sorely needed in Washington.

Voters should look carefully at the 2nd Congressional District race with Jason Lewis running opposite Angie Craig who could well carry the banner “Ms. Left.” Loyal listeners like me revere him as a well-educated author and experienced debater debunking illogical progressive thought with ease. Lewis is a political outsider perfectly qualified to make his mark on D.C. by fighting corruption among the entrenched establishment of both parties.

Voters, on the other hand, who consider Ms. Craig to be an alternative, need to look only so far as her website to establish “Ms. Left’s” lengthy liberal bona fides. She would make any radical leftist proud.

A big difference between the two is that Jason Lewis devoted decades to earning the respect of tens-of-thousands of listeners who agree with his independent thinking that challenges the status quo. So on Nov. 8, voters should vote for Jason Lewis. We need a strong fighter who will do what’s right in Washington.