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In support of Tony Nelson

To the editor,

I am writing this letter to urge the voters of the 3rd Ward to re-elect Tony Nelson to the Hastings City Council. Councilmember Tony Nelson’s valued leadership and positive vision has been a critical component as we continue to work to make Hastings a great community. His common sense approach to issues and keen eye for details is why I appointed him to chair the city council’s Parks and Recreation Committee and be a member of the important Finance Committee that shapes our city’s budget priorities. His work has been valuable to our citizens.

As many of you know, our city has been making historic strides in moving many positive initiatives forward. We have successfully built a new bridge, created a riverfront renaissance with downtown, aided economic renewal efforts like the Great Rivers Landing project (Old Hudson Building), Artspace Lofts, added Fire Department upgrades, working with the local Chamber of Commerce on business climate issues, providing a stable budget and tax policy and meeting the needs of our neighborhoods. These vital projects do not get done unless we have the dedication, leadership and commitment from devoted public servants. Public servants like Tony Nelson.

Councilmember Tony Nelson has also demonstrated a strong voice for the 3rd Ward. His passion for advancing the concerns of his constituents is robust and he brings forward compelling and effective ideas to address concerns while seeking solutions with consensus. These are important qualities for an elected official to have and Tony Nelson exhibits them.

This is an important election coming up on Nov. 8. I hope you will join me in supporting Tony Nelson’s re-election. Good work needs to be rewarded.