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In support of Trevor Lund

To the editor,

Trevor Lund has been such an asset to the congregation at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church. A regular worship attendee, Trevor’s heart is in family and community connections at the church as well. In fact, he is an active participant and one of the founders of a family group called “Family Connect.” This is a group comprised of families who want to connect beyond church worship, in a more casual setting such as baseball games, picnics and especially at family-focused events happening in Hastings. This is a key initiative of the group, to be part of the community. This is very important to Trevor, Heidi and Bennett. They love Hastings and the people, and they love giving back. They are often the first to volunteer when they hear of a need where they can apply their talent. I have called upon Trevor for help with many things (for the church) and he has never disappointed in following through with what he said he could and would do.

I am honored to know Trevor and his family. We (the church and our town) are lucky to have such a talented, honest, caring person to step up for the people of Hastings. I know he will do what he says he will, because he has proven that his word is good and his compassion and commitment is even better.