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Misleading mailers promote fear

To the editor,

I am disgusted by the mailers put out by the Republican Party of Minnesota and the House Republican Campaign Committee.

The first mailer showed a poorly Photoshopped Don Slaten, in a blue shirt, holding a sign saying “YES MAN,” except the hand holding the sign was dressed in a white shirt and black suit coat. It alleged that Mr. Slaten wanted to grant “Immediate full citizenship to illegal immigrants.” This is not true. Moreover, Mr. Slaten is a candidate for the Minnesota House of Representatives. Such issues as immigration are not the purview of that body.

Another mailer pictured Ayatollah Khomeini, who died in 1989. It also pictured Mr. Slaten and the allegation he would support giving billions of dollars to Iran so they could “develop nuclear weapons” that would put “us all in danger. Again, this is not true. And again, this is a national issue, not a local state issue. How dumb do they think we are?

Worse, Khomeini mailers just like this were sent to voters in (Districts) 48A and 56B with pictures of Laurie Pryor and Lindsey Port respectively. Last Sunday’s Star Tribune, Oct. 7, 2016, published a piece entitled “Fearful and Loathsome campaigning in Minnesota mailboxes” about these mailers. It said “fearmongering” makes an “ugly mess for democracy.” Lori Sturdevant, the author, wrote “These handbills attempt to inject foreign policy issues where it does not belong.”

Minnesota is looked up to for its clean campaigning and voter turnout. I hope Tony Jurgens denounces the mailers sent on his behalf filled with dubious claims and charges that are untrue, misleading and have no place in Minnesota politics. By contrast, Mr. Slaten’s mailers, and those on his behalf, pertain to the issues of our district. He is focused on education, water quality, transportation, infrastructure, health care, senior and veteran issues and jobs for our families.

There are places on the ballot to vote on national issues. This is not that race. I reject the fear and loathing. I am voting for the candidate who is knowledgeable about and focused on local issues. I am voting for Don Slaten.