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In support of Tony Nelson

To the editor,

My name is Dawn Seleskie and I have been friends with Tony Nelson and his family for a very long time. Tony, like a lot of us in Hastings, was born and raised here. He graduated from Hastings High School in 1991 and married his high school sweetheart, Teresa, in 1995. Around 14 years ago he took a job here in town, for Dakota County where he currently works as a finance manager so he could spend more time with his family. Tony and his wife are currently raising their two teenage boys who also attend Hastings High School. Tony has shown that he has Ward 3 and the City of Hastings’ best interests at heart. Have you been to the river lately? It looks beautiful! The only thing that you could do at the river a few years ago was toss a few rocks in the river. Now it is truly a gem for Hastings. I have attended many events with Tony at the pavilion and downtown. He is constantly talking about how long it took to get this project off the ground. It appears that all of this work has paid off, as the riverfront looks great. Tony is committed to keeping Hastings a great small town that we can all enjoy. We can ensure his dedication and passion continues by voting to re-elect Tony Nelson in November.