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In support of Danna Elling Schultz

To the editor,

I’m writing to remind everyone of the election just a few weeks away on Nov. 8. There will be lots of races to go through, so please don’t forget about those candidates running at the local level.

I work for Dakota County and I often get out of my office for lunch and am a patron of many businesses. I appreciate that Hastings is a well-run city, and one of the people to thank for that deserves your support.

Danna Elling Schultz is smart and hard-working — she has a full-time job in addition to the time she devotes to Hastings as a member of the City Council, representing Ward 4. Danna has been like that since I met her, way back when we were college roommates. Through many years, our jobs and families have kept us busy but never dimmed our friendship. Danna is like that. She’s loyal — to her friends and to her community.

Danna keeps the long-term best interests of the community in front of her, even while considering important current issues like downtown development, local transit and neighborhood parks and trails. I admit that I can’t recite every decision Danna has been part of that has made Hastings the wonderful city that it is. I just know that I appreciate what she’s done, and I know Danna well enough to know that she has the experience and the know-how to keep right on doing it.