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Letter: In support of Trevor Lund

To the editor,

I would like to voice my support for City Council candidate Trevor Lund. Ever since our days in middle school, he has consistently boasted about his love for the city of Hastings. As my classmate, Trevor was very active with our accomplished wrestling team, nationally recognized music programs, a leader-developing student government, and our Senior Class of 2000 President. As a resident, he recognizes that the lifeblood of our community is our schools. After moving away to pursue educational and professional goals, Trevor returned “home” to raise his family, knowing that Hastings is a family-centered city.

Trevor is creative and insightful; crucial characteristics our local government representatives must possess. He is intuitive and approachable. Through his campaign’s Facebook page (VOTE4TrevorLund), he posts a “Question of the Week,” inviting any and all questions from residents on what they like about Hastings and what he can do as a council member to continue to improve it. Trevor is open-minded and will truly listen to you, should you ever have the pleasure of speaking with him.

As a city council member for Hastings, Trevor will make civic-minded decisions. He will do what’s best for Hastings for the sake of Hastings. He is an avid supporter of our local businesses and will work toward making them greater places of interest in our area.

While I, too, have made my home in Hastings, I am not a resident in Ward 4. Therefore, I encourage those that are to vote for Trevor Lund on Nov. 8.