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Letter: Veterans deserve quality healthcare

To the editor,

Veterans and service members who have sacrificed so much to protect our country absolutely deserve quality healthcare, timely delivery of their benefits and a 21st century electronic medical records system. Sadly, that is not the case in 2016 in America.

The quagmires that some veterans encounter at their Department of Veterans Affairs facilities are well documented. Congress has passed legislation in an effort to solidify the ability of VA to terminate managers and employees who don’t have veterans’ best interests in mind. Yet, that solution has fallen short of creating real change.

At the same time, our veterans deserve significant advancements in the care they receive at VA. Veterans in rural areas should have better options for accessing health care. Women veterans need improved services. Innovations in treatment should be developed for those suffering the signature wounds of modern warfare – PTSD and TBI injuries.

It all comes down to accountability. VA, Congress, DoD and the American public all need to be accountable to those who have served, or who are still serving.

It is a message that is conveyed to our service members, veterans, families and voters by the Veteran Service Organizations.On Wednesday, the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars, later this month, will carry the message of accountability to a joint session of the House and Senate Veterans’ Affairs’ Committees. It is time for trust in VA to be restored. It is time for veterans to seamlessly receive their benefits.

It is time for accountability.