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Letter: Hastings is a wonderful little town that should be preserved

To the editor,

I can’t tell you how relieved, pleased and happy I was to read the letters to the editor in your July 31 edition from Lynn Hoeschen and Leslie Ritchie in response to the letter the previous week about downtown Hastings.

I was born and raised in Hastings, and am trying to move back there. I think it’s beautiful, quaint and unique – an ideal historic little river town, not too big, not too small. Every time I come back to visit, I’m impressed at how well kept the older homes and businesses are that were there when I was a kid. I have yet to find a deteriorated part of town; at least I’ve not seen it yet.

I think Hastings is a wonderful little town, and I hope its integrity will always be maintained.

All I can say is “Job well done” to all those who have worked over the years to keep it that way.