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Letter: In support of Lori Braucks

To the editor,

I am writing this letter in support of Lori Braucks for Hastings City Council. I’ve known Lori for many years and I’m thrilled she decided to run. As a former council member myself, I know she will be a great councilperson for Hastings. Below are some of the reasons I support Lori Braucks.

I’ve always found Lori to be well informed and heartfelt.  She is approachable and willing to listen to other people. Her opinions are formed by common sense and not partisan logic or rhetoric. She cares about the city and will listen to residents and make decisions for the good of Hastings and its future.

Her legal education and experience will be great assets for the council. She will bring a fresh perspective to our city council.Lori and her husband, Tommy, demonstrated the care they have for their neighbors by initiating National Night Out block parties for the past three years.I know Lori will be committed and care about the decisions that will affect her friends and neighbors.

As a long-time resident of Hastings, join me in supporting Lori Braucks for Hastings City Council on Aug. 12 and Nov. 4.