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Letter: Kline deserves rank as worst congressman

To the editor,

On Friday night, July 11, Minnesota Representative John Kline received national recognition on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, by being named a “Worst Congressman.”

Maher says “there are a lot of terrible, entrenched congressmen out there.”  Why would John Kline receive such notorious recognition? nominated John Kline as “Worst Congressman” because “Kline consistently fights for the lenders and for-profit colleges that bankroll his campaign, while simultaneously turning his back on the 40 million Americans buried in student loan debt.”  Bill Maher said, “Kline didn’t just oppose the Student Loan Forgiveness Act, he actually wrote a bill to reduce the budget deficit by raising rates on student loans.”

Minnesota college grads have one of the highest rates of student debt in the country, averaging $31,500 each in 2012, according to an April article in the Washington Post.  What is Representative John Kline, Chair of the Education and Workforce Committee, doing about it? also helped to propel Kline to this national designation by nominating him for Bill Maher’s #FlipaDistrict campaigns on Twitter and Facebook.   In a related article published on, Kyle McCarthy, a co-founder of Student wrote “Flip a District: Fire Kline” in April. For-profit colleges have contributed more to Representative Kline’s re-election campaign than any other group.  Many of these colleges “have low graduation rates; high student loan default rates; been engaging in predatory lending, deceptive and fraudulent practices; and bury students deep in debt. Kline however, continues to call for less regulation and oversight for these schools.”  

John Kline is no friend to Minnesotans. Vote for Mike Obermueller in November for U.S. House Representative who will work for us, not against us.