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Letter: Creeping socialism is cause for concern

To the editor,

What next? Now the state government has taken another step further into our lives. A ban on youths under the age of 18 tanning in a tanning salon. Not even with a parent’s consent. Young people, are you going to stand for this? Parents: are you going to tolerate the government telling you how to raise your children?

A tan is the body’s natural defense against burning. It is protected skin, not damaged skin. Exposure to UVB from a tanning bed is the most reliable and controlled source of Vitamin D on the planet. It’s natural. The politicians of this state have taken that choice away from anyone under 18. What about preparing for spring break with the family in a warm climate? Now you’re not able to do that. Apparently the government thinks it is better to burn on vacation than prepare for it here in Minnesota. What about getting that glow for prom? Now that’s taken away from you by politicians.

Did any of you politicians bother to contact our industry for information on the benefits of indoor tanning? I would imagine you got your information from industries that have more money and more to gain from the ban on tanning than from the tanning industry itself.

I am personally disgusted and ashamed by the politicians who voted to pass this ban. What industry is next on your list? Will you ban those under 18 from public beaches and pools? Will parents not be allowed to let their children play outdoors for any extended period of time? Will you have to leave children at home out of the sun if you have a boat and want to go boating for the day? Will hats, long sleeves and pants be the only approved attire for anyone wishing to spend time outdoors?

Since the tan tax was implemented by our federal government several years ago, 8,000 women-owned businesses have closed. It has cost the economy an estimated 70,000 jobs. It has raised one third of the revenue projections for the Affordable Care Act! Now the state government steps in and bans those under 18 from tanning in a professional salon. What will this cost all of us?

Is there nothing more important on your agendas than to dictate how we live our lives?

If we are not hurting anyone else, let us decide how we live our lives. I don’t need a government babysitting me and getting that involved in my personal life. You are supposed to work for us, not against us. I don’t want socialism. I want to be free.

Contact your local politicians and voice your concern or they will continue to creep further and further into our lives.

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