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Letter: Council ought to focus its attention in other areas

To the editor,

As you may or may not know, the Hastings City Council recently amended their signage ordinance to include personal vehicles.

What do you suppose this will mean for many businesses in town, or those just passing through this town? The city has had the original ordinance on the books for some time and wasn’t enforcing it as it stood. How do they plan to enforce it with these changes?

These elected officials are supposed to be in charge of protecting the welfare and wellbeing of their resident constituents. Why then are they doing virtually nothing about much more serious violators?

If this city council truly cared about small business success and growth, they would back off the insignificant issues and seriously go after businesses truly endangering the safety of its residents, like those selling alcohol to underage residents.

I really feel if the council cares about the safety of the residents, they will take liquor sales out of the hands of businesses that simply don’t care. Tell your council member to use their power to revoke liquor licenses from repeat violators. They have the power to do it to protect all of us.

Editor’s note: The city council takes progressive discipline against sellers who fail random checks.