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Letter: In support of Schriner

To the editor,

Margaret Schriner deserves your vote. She has the experience needed to continue to serve on the Dakota Electric Association Board. She has helped achieve a zero percent wholesale power increase for 2-14 and a stable rate projection for the next 3 years.

Margaret has shown great leadership including National leadership recognition for contribution in making voting more accessible to member/owners of our cooperative. Dakota Electric is the 1st cooperative in the nation to offer online voting.

She was the first woman to be elected to the Board of Directors and served as Board Chairperson for 10 years. During that time she served on numerous other boards as well. These include the Dakota Electric subsidiary boards, Great River Energy Board, and chaired the Great River Energy Transmission Committee for the largest portion of the 3 billion dollar company budget expenditure.

I have worked with Margaret on various education, business, youth and Chamber activities in the DEA service area for many years.

Margaret worked hard to obtain state authorization for DEA to distribute unclaimed capital credit funds. Following authorization, Margaret helped develop the current scholarship donation program for those funds to go to area schools as well as Inver Hills Community College and Dakota County Technical College. I have seen the many results of student achievement because of this funding.

Margaret deserves your vote. Re-elect Margaret Schriner to the Dakota Electric Association Board.