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Letter: Taxpayers should be livid about new Senate building

To the editor,

Only politicians of the lowest integrity could pass the second largest tax increase in state history and a year later pat themselves on the back for giving a small portion of it back to us. The same politicians that proudly stood with Governor Dayton as he signed the big money grab last year are now bragging about the favor they have granted us in the form of “tax relief.”

Does our senator really think we are that stupid? The truth is that the minimal tax relief came in response to protest from small businesses and farmers over the new small business taxes and equipment repair tax. The politicians got caught with their hand in the cookie jar by taxpayers who were willing to speak up about it. In order to minimize the political damage, these same politicians are spinning some small tax changes in an effort to make us forget the $2.5 billion tax increase of 2013.

Buried in that huge tax increase last year was a provision for a new $90 million office building for the state senators. $90 million for offices equals about $1.5 million per Senator. A $1.5 million office for each of our part-time politicians? They can’t be serious! That is the equivalent of building the nicest house in Hastings for each of our senators to use while they are in session three months of the year. St. Paul is full of empty office space and our Senators want a $90 million building to solve a temporary office space problem. Every taxpayer in Minnesota should be livid about that. Again, do they really think we are stupid enough to say nothing about this? Election day is only seven months away. Keep these things in mind and do your part to stop the nonsense. The money they are wasting is money they took from you.