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Letter: Land situation is ‘is just wrong’

To the editor,

Thanks for covering the “ land grab” situation at Spring Lake Park and printing the editorial you did a few weeks ago. That issue is close to my heart as the Sorg family has let me turkey hunt and muzzle load hunt on their land for several years. I am more successful turkey hunting over there than deer, but that is a personal issue. 

The county does not have ownership yet, but as early  as last spring (and many more this last fall) they had marked their proposed bike trail in the wood though Sorgs and neighbors property with stakes and orange tape. It’s my understanding it they don’t own it yet but already are marking it out?

I do love the idea of a bike trail, but as you know it goes beyond that. Condemning people’s personal land so that they can get it cheaper through eminent domain is just wrong. I am not a “tea party guy” by any means, but it is an obvious abuse of government power.  

That area is not the best for boating anyway. If you look at the Army Corps of Engineers river maps, it is pretty much a stump field and tricky to get anything but the smallest boats in and out.

I do love our county parks but all this is just wrong.