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Letter: Thanks go out to Jean

To the editor,

My name is Larry Wollmering; A retired Army Col. I was requested by the Minnesota Historical Association to give a presentation on the CA Lund Ski Factory which was a major employer in Hastings from 1927 to 1945. While going to College at St. Johns University, I worked for CA Lund in St. Paul in 1958. I came to your paper and requested any information on the fire which destroyed the factory in 1945. One of your employees, Jean Hoeft, went out of her way to assist me in acquiring information on the fire. She was extremely helpful and you should be very proud to have her on your staff. She was very assistance minded, pleasant and very helpful. She scanned a number of articles and forwarded them to me on the internet. Thanks Gazette and Jean.

Editor’s note: The employee Mr. Wollmering is referencing is Jean Hoeft, a valued member of the Star Gazette workforce for the past 17 years.