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Letter: Private ownership trumps public desires

To the editor,

Somewhere around 10 years ago my neighbor took on a restoration project. He completely restored a vintage tractor to its original condition. Man, that’s when I began to really be in want. One day when he was giving his kids a ride on the ancient antique I took a snap shot. I blew up the print into a 16x20 and circled it. This was going to end up in my pole shed some day. I had to have it. “There’s a great need for this,” I said. “We do need to move forward. My buddies have come to the conclusion that it is time to move forward. This is a needed piece of history in order to complete our collection, a collection that we have envisioned for many years, us good ol’ boys.”

Well that day has come. I got together with my buddies and we are all going in on a loan. We must act quickly with the low interest rates the way they are. We don’t want to lose this opportunity.

Imagine our disdain when my neighbor stated he did not want to sell his tractor. We took a vote and guess what. We all voted to take it anyway! I did state the fact that we would be more than willing to rent it out to him any time he wanted to use it. Fair, right? Besides, this way many more people will be able to enjoy such a beautiful piece of history. Why should he have it all to himself? He did say that he would let me ride it but that’s not good enough.

Now reader, please realize this is just a parable about an outrageous pipedream that our local government is bantering about, right? Oh yea, one more thing, I informed my neighbor that he would also have to provide insurance for the tractor in case someone were to get hurt. He said that seems wrong to provide for some kind of insurance that he did not believe in… I guess that will be for another article.