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Letter: This farmer could use some help from the county

To the editor,

I write this letter in total agreement with Kristie Nelson and Paul Curtis in the Feb. 27 Star Gazette letters to the editor. A county commissioner is elected to be a public servant, not elected to exercise power at the expense of the public.

We saw this take place on my wife’s family farm in Rosemount when they wanted to change the direction of Chippendale and Highway 160.

We saw it again when the bridge and ramp’s land acquisition was pushed through for County Road 47 over Highway 52. I still don’t see the need for two overpasses that close together near such a small town area.

Well, it affected our property by making a perfect square 160-acre parcel of land. We try to run today’s big machinery over rows that end at a slant at the end of the field, creating lapped corn rows, and lapped spray on the weeds, besides losing acres of Ostrander soil rated the best in Dakota County. Most people drive by on the highway not realizing any of this.

About five years ago, a drain tile in the original drain ditch got demolished by road construction. It was agreed they would replace the drainage tile, but to this day nothing has happened to correct the problem even though we complained to two different county commissioners and we have the permit for this drain tile since about 1970. Three people came out to the site and met with me. I was told then and twice since that it would be taken care of.

I guess the priority of this county is more in parks and trails. Maybe if I paid out even more in property taxes, one of our elected public servants would listen to me and act. As an 83-year-old farmer, I could use a little help.