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Letter: Landowners have basic right to own property

To the editor,

Thank you for your editorial on February 20 defending the rights of Dakota County citizens to own property without the threat of it being needlessly taken from them by our County Commissioners. I was surprised to see the Star Gazette take a stand on the issue and I commend you for it. This is a significant issue that should cause great concern to every citizen of our county as well as our country. 

This issue is much bigger than building a bike trail or adding to a park. This is about protecting our right to own property. Private property rights are a fundamental freedom in the U.S. and a basic principle of a capitalist economy. To infringe on these rights is to take away a basic freedom. It is also another step away from capitalism. Movement away from capitalism is movement toward socialism, a system built upon government ownership and control rather than private ownership.

It should frighten every local citizen that we have a group of commissioners with the power to go behind closed doors and dictate that property be taken from citizens for purposes as insignificant as a bike trail and adding to an already large park that is visited by less than 1 percent of the county’s residents each year.

It should also alarm us that we have a group of elected officials that think it is a good idea to not only take property from citizens, but then use that property to get into the boat rental and cabin business. It is amazing to me that these elected officials think it is acceptable to spend taxpayer money on boats that can be rented by the general public on a river full of navigational hazards. Do they actually think we will believe that this is a good business proposition? Sadly enough we have probably already spent a lot of tax dollars on feasibility studies to tell us that renting boats and cabins on the river is a good idea. Congratulations Dakota County taxpayers, you are about to get into the resort business just downstream from a couple refineries and a water treatment plant.

So what can we do to stop all of this nonsense? We can vote. At election time, the voters of Dakota County need to vote out the incumbents that approved this property theft. We need to remove these people who think their agendas are more important than the rights of citizens to own property. We need to remove these people who think it is a good idea to use taxpayer dollars for a boat rental business that doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Tucson at breaking even. If you think this issue doesn’t impact you, you’re wrong. If you prefer freedom over tyranny, if you hate wasteful government spending, if you want to keep what you own, this issue impacts you. Get involved and be heard. Make some noise over what is right. Flood this newspaper as well as our commissioners with calls and letters. Don’t let the one percent win this battle.