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Letter: Commissioners are out of touch

To the editor,

Dakota County is trying to take land from homeowners because they want to put in a permanent mooring for house boats that they can rent out, a bath house and other recreational and rather luxury-type development. These people said, “No,” and that they don’t want to sell, so the commissioners decided they will use a legal way that was fully intended to procure land for the greater good. Somehow I think the people in Dakota County will go on just fine without the ability to rent house boats, or ride bikes from here to South St. Paul on a trail (although the people agreed to sell land for the trail). I am outraged that these elected officials seem to think that they have the right to take someone’s land away for such a frivolous purpose. They are out of touch with the very people they serve and I intend to vote against them as their terms come up. I think more people in the county should speak out against this legal thievery.

The Dakota County Board of Commissioners should be ashamed of itself. The exception is Mike Slavik — he voted against the land seizure.