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Letter: A special story on holiday giving

To the editor,

As we reflect on special stories at Hastings Family Service (HFS), one of our favorite moments came from a voice message left by Susan.  Tears of joy interrupted her words but so clearly expressed the blessing bestowed upon her after an extraordinarily difficult time.  Her daughter had lost her father earlier in the year and she really wanted to make Christmas special.  So they turned to HFS and the Red Hat’s Spiralettes adopted this family and like so many of you, took great care in hand-selecting the gifts requested.  Susan indicated in her tearful phone call that she also received a grocery gift card for the whole family and how much it meant to them during this difficult time. 

The Holiday Assistance program put beautifully wrapped gifts under the tree and provided this family with a wonderful holiday meal.  The generosity and love shared with Susan, gave her the ability to experience joy, gratitude, delight, laughter, surprise, and hope. Susan and her family had a Merry Christmas thanks to the generosity of others.

This is the time of year when we witness first-hand the impact that can be made when a community of remarkable people all work together.  The holidays were brighter for 467 households this year because of the hundreds of community members and businesses that adopted families, made food and monetary donations, hosted gift trees, joined the turkey team, purchased Christmas gifts, planned or participated in a holiday event or fundraiser, or volunteered their time and talent.  Thank you so much for your partnership and generosity.

Happy New Year!