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Letter: Is there now reason for hope?

To the editor,

Is there now reason for hope? I, for one, am heartened to discover that Congressman John Kline has authored a bill that would greatly reduce the role of the Federal Government in education. As the Chairman of the Education and Workforce Committee, Congressman Kline is in a unique position to steer this badly needed legislation through the Congress. This bill permits the sovereign states to create methods of accountability free from the onerous and stifling effects of the Federal bureaucracy. This bill combines existing grant programs into one that gives local school districts to use grants to meet specific local needs.

Citizens cognizant of the status of our public education system heartily welcome this initiative. Of course, nescient neophytes, who favor centralized bureaucracies will remain part of the benighted minority.

For the taxpayers, John Kline’s latest efforts to provide relief from big brothers intrusive hands is indeed refreshing.